Our story

What it Nakayaheiji?

Nakaya-Heiji is a "saw" Blacksmith-company which in established in 1848 at Mito city.

HEIJI (Heiji Takeishi)
In the Beginning Heiji Takeishi came to Mito as a Blacksmith of "saws"from Shirakawa Fukushima .

HEIJI Ⅱ(Tatujiro Takeishi)
He made all saws with Tamahagane which is a famous steel in Japan.He said it is very hard work. Because he could only make. a few productsat a time.

HEIJI Ⅲ(Tatujiro Takeishi Jr.)
He learned how to make saws from HEIJI Ⅱ.
When he was 16 years old. He learned how to make saws from NakayaSakujiro who lived in Utunomiya city.
When he was 19 years old he came back to Mito. He worked as the chief director of the saw association of Ibaraki until the 1960's.
He made excellent saws with Tamahamgane till 1914, and with Kigami-Togo steel orYasuki steel.

HEIJI Ⅳ(Kihachi Takeishi)
He staeted learnninghow to make saws from the age of 12 years old while he was still studying of school.
Many saws which made by him were very famous for thier sharpness. Before world WarⅡ,The saws which he were sent out to Tokyo,and other cities,and foreign countries.

HEIJI Ⅵ(Yoshibumi Takleishi)
He has sutudied the making of "saws"from HEIJI Ⅲand HEIJI Ⅳ from 1967. Recently the use of hand made "saws" has declined rapidly.
The reason is of couse,becouse almost all carpenters have bugun to use electric tools and the cheape disposable "saws".
He had learnd how to make another Japanese traditional tools from Mr.Kengo Usui who lived in Niigata pref.
He was intoroduced to Mr.Shigeyosi Iwasaki and learned about metal and steel,andhow to make Iwasaki's tools.

HEIJI Ⅵ(Osamu Takeishi)
He has sutudied the making of kitchen knives and other toolsfrom HEIJI Ⅴ
and Yoshikane who lived in Sanjo city,Niigata pref from 2003.

■The list of service and goods■

●Knife making

We make saws,planes,and many kinds of blade and knives.
You can order the knife with your original shapes, weight ,materials.You can choice the kinds of steel and iron. If you order to us with your plan,you can get the oliginal knife.You willl be satisfied with the knife.


We sell many kinds of knives and Japanese traditional tool. For example, Kitchin knife, Japanese plane,
Japanese hunting knife, Japanese traditional tool for professional craftsman.The items which I have may be expensive. But I think they are very high quality.


When you want to repair your knives or tool please ask me.I can sharpen it. I also may be able to repair handles of them.

●And more

When you have any more question, please let me know. I may be able to help you..

Thank you