Mr. Shigeyoshi Iwasaki


He is a sowd-master who lived in Niigata pref. His father is Mr.Koseke Iwasaki.

Mr Shigeyoshi Iwasaki studied Tamahagane and appraise the sowd which is kept at Shosoin Tresure House with his father.
He is in a top possision of leadership in Japan. He is respected by many blacksmiths in Japan.

■Iwasaki's razor
I could restock with Iwasaki's razor a little. I also can show not only the Swedish steel razor but also Tamahagane razor.
I have received many questions for long time. I want to send to many people as much as possible. So This item is limited to one per customer. Please ask me.

■Iwasaki's kiridashi-kogatana

I'm sorry, These razorare sold out now. I don't know when can I get these razor next time.