Heiji Saws

We habe been making "saws"150 years. We use chacolof pine for making saws
There are few saw blacksmithwho can make excelent Japanese traditional saws.

Excelent Japanese traditional saws is very valuable. We have been making saws 160 years.
We are confident very much in this field.

We can make the special saws with "KIGAMI-TOGO steel.
The special saw is very expenive,but it have very high quarity.
"KIGAMI-TOGO steel" is real rare.

Metate (repair or sharpening)

It is a matter of course, but can repair and sharpen these saws. Those works are called "metate"
The saw will show good performance by good metate ,but they will be bad saws with poor metare. If you need, we can doing those works.

We can correct saws in the best state. Please ask us and leave with us.

Special saws~Togo~


Finally,we can make many kinds of special saws,please tell us yrou hopes.
We can repair saws.Japanesu saws are be able to sharpened. The performance will be recovered